Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With nearly two decades of experience helping companies market themselves on the Internet, eWareness has the expertise to help create QUALITY online awareness around your company, product or service.  More importantly, eWareness helps you turn those quality visitors into leads and, ultimately, helps your company reduce its sales cycle!


eWareness' Search Engine Marketing Services are not the same services offered by those fly by night companies preaching their internet marketing competency that normally leads to bogus advice that will severely impact your search engine results. Our services are search marketing services! They come from our President’s nearly two decades of experience focusing on web marketing from a traditional marketing perspective. We are one of the few companies who understands that online marketing success comes from “marketing” with an emphasis on design and technology. Most companies that emphasis design or development first as a way to help your company merely throw in “marketing” as a buzz word.  Now days just about anybody can design your company a website.  And most will put it on a content management system (CMS) with all the bells and whistles.  But very few truly understand the fundamentals of online marketing success.


Web marketing has a foundation. Most sites (even award winning sites) are typically missing the fundamentals. These web fundamentals are critically necessary in order to optimize your site for the search engines.  They also help to control your marketing costs and will ultimately help your company’s bottom line.  Many web designers, web developers and most self-proclaimed "Internet Marketing Experts" just don't understand these fundamentals. It is for this reason why many of these so called “SEO/SEM Gurus” immediately suggest running ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing as their main online marketing strategy.  Doing so properly will likely bring in quality leads.  The issue is with the “associated costs” that will drive up your marketing budget which in turn impacts your ROI.  Search Marketing is a strategy.  It’s a combination of having a strong understanding of your company’s product/service offerings with a strong understanding of web-centric and traditional marketing.  There is a place for online advertising (PPC). It's not the save all for sites lacking traffic. It’s part of an overall online marketing campaign that should be developed to work in conjunction with a properly optimized web site.  Stay clear of companies that push “search engine marketing” but solely focus on “Adwords”. If that’s all they are proposing then you might as well set up your own Adwords account, do it yourself and save the admin fees they charge.


If you are about to sign with a company that touts themselves as "web marketing experts," "Internet Marketing Leaders," "Search Engine Optimization Company," or a "Search Marketing Service Firm," contact us first. Most of our services are much more affordable than you may think.  And we know you will see a much greater return on investment!  We can't tell you how many people we've spoken with who comment on how they've been burned by a self-proclaimed web marketing guru. Just contact us. It's free... and besides saving you from a major financial headache in the long-run, it will help you realize there is a confident, attentive, knowledgeable and trust-worthy web-centric marketing company that knows in the end it’s all about positively impacting your company’s bottom line!